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Hi! I’m Matt, a moment capturing documentary wedding photographer loving life in the cultural mixing pot that is London. The goal of my documentary wedding photography approach is to capture the energy and atmosphere filled with laughs, tears and crazy moves on the dance floor that make up the story of your special day. My couples have described my approach as · down to earth · fun · relaxed · genuine · natural · & fanbloodytastic.

Curious to know how I became a London wedding photographer? Check out my about me page to find out.

Awarded “Top 10 Wedding Photographers in London” by Zankyou

If you’re planning a London, UK or Destination wedding and have any questions please feel free to get in touch. With a passion for travel I book weddings both near and far.

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Above you can take a peak at highlights from some of my most recent weddings. If you’d like to explore a little more you can pop over to my main blog page where you can find more weddings, as well as London engagement shoots, street photography from my travel adventures and wedding tips. Weddings are one of those funny industries where you’re thrown in with little or no experience and expected to be an expert in so many areas. What questions do you ask the venue? Why would I want a videographer? Do you want a band or a DJ? And so on. As I work closely with my couples during their wedding adventure, while also collaborating with other wedding suppliers I’ve picked up a thing or two on this subject. To help take some of the confusing bits out of planing wedding (it should be fun after all) I’ve started a series of wedding tip related blog posts. I’m always keen to know what couples think about these articles so if you have feedback please throw it in the comments at the bottom of the post.

“Matt you are a genius! Not only are they a masterclass in photography but they are absolutely stunning pictures that really captured the atmosphere, enjoyment and laughter of the day. You and your photos have been real stars of our wedding!”
Stuart Cooke
“Matt we are speechless! You did such a good job at capturing our day. I told Arron if I wasn’t there, I would have been jealous that I wasn’t invited. We can’t thank you enough! My mom will be impressed!”
Jenny Ibe
“Matt I am in awe of your photos! You truly know how to capture the moment. Looking back at them all, I feel like I’m reliving the day!”
Debbie Richards
“Matt is one of those very rare photographers that manages to capture memories rather than just photos. He’s also a genuinely lovely guy too! I’m not the most confident in front of the camera but he totally put me at ease. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”
Anna Lancaster
“Thanks for bringing such positive energy to our wedding. We’re so happy you were there!”
Silvia Palau
“Matt is an absolute wizard with the camera! His reportage style truly captures the moment and when you look back at the photos you feel like you’re right back there reliving the whole experience!”
Jamie Richards
“I have to say that choosing Matt as our wedding photographer is one of the best decisions we made! The photos were in a word, FANTASTIC! They were vibrant, natural and he managed to capture lots of very special expressions and moments!”
Adam Sharif
“You captured the day beautifully, a real mixture of fun, humour and stolen moments. There were so very many images and special moments beautifully captured.”
Robert Bennett
“Wow! Thank you so much for capturing the essence of the most important day of our lives. You did it perfectly!”
Deena Bengtson
“Not only did Matt manage to capture our guests in the moment, he also managed to perfectly capture their personalities in every shot.”
James Cherrill
“Matt is an outstanding photographer and went above and beyond what we expected! I wish we could afford to have Matt at every family event/birthday/party to take the photos!”
Cass Nightingale
“From Matt’s professionalism, sense of humour, and down to earth nature, he embodied everything we were looking for. Friends and family raved about how great our pictures came out. We even had people who couldn’t attend our wedding calling to know who our photographer was!”
Jenny Worsley
“Matt is my new favourite person.”
Rob Dinsey

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